Within The Ruins Between Forest and Sea

About Us

 This is our old website. Our new website can be found here - Between Forest and Sea.

We go by collective name of House of Chimeras. We are a multiple system whose members are all nonhuman in form within our innerworld, and outworld we identify as various kinds of otherkin because of it. We live in the western Arkansas area of the United States where we were born and are going to college for a degree in history and education. Our physical body was born in 1989 and female but what we all identify ourselves in varies ways greatly regardless of that.

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~ Arron -

 photo Arronavatar.jpg  A vampirekin. Arron is a non-undead and instead a more predatory/animalistic sort of vampire with red and blonde hair and blue-gray eyes. He is a bisexual male. Arron worships and honors Hekate, but other than then that doesn't have have a formal set religious stance. His birthday is celebrated February 1 and his identified age is 21.   

~ Aquasarius - 

  A tainwha draconic. Aquasarius is a serpentine dragon-like creature with no wings, short webbed legs, an eel-like tail, barbel-like whispers on their snout, and gill slits along the ribcage. He is an asexual male. Aquasarius worships three goddesses representing the open sea, deep sea bottoms, and sea shore. Aquasarius birthday is celebrated on January 1 and he identifies is age to be about 28. 

~Cavern-Risen -

Photobucket  A garou fictionkin. A garou from Werewolf the Apocalypse. She has five forms from human to wolf in our innerworld, though her preferred forms range from the wolf form to near-wolf form to the hybrid form mostly. She is a straight female, and she considers herself a Gaianist. Cavern-Risen celebrates her birthday on October 31 and she identifies her age to be 24.

~ Darahagh -

 photo Darahaghavatar.jpg  A southern live oak plantkin. Darahagh is a great ‘evergreen’ oak with a thick trunk, low hanging branches, and great wide-splaying roots. He is neutrois and asexual. Darahagh is not very spiritual, but rather he is nature focused in a non-spiritual way. Darahagh’s birthday is celebrated on May 1 and he has no known age. 

~ Earth Listener -                                                                                                                                      PhotobucketA blue glaucus and frilled shark therian. In our innerworld ze can take on those forms interchangeably. Earth Listener is androgyne asexual. Earth Listener is an animist with a focus on totemism and worship of local nature deities and spirits. Earth Listener celebrates zir birthday on March 20 and identifies as being 25 years old. 

~ Kardegray -                                                                                                                                                  A bestial demonkin. His form is that of a bipedal six-limbed beast with two mouths on top of one another and six eyes in total with his biology being most reptilian in nature though he has some fur on his body. He is male and straight.  Kardegray is an apatheistic and independent Satanist.  Kardegray’s celebrates his birthday on April 30 and he considers his age to be 26.

~ Lunatani -                                                                                                                                                  Photobucket Is an adlet elven and Cwn Annwn faekin. As an adlet, she is a humanoid-like above the waist and below she has the lower body of a red dog. As an faerie hound, she is a large white hound and has red ears. Lunatani is female and is bi. Lunatani is a solitary Wiccan. Lunatani’s birthday is on February 2 and is a the youngest in our system given her age in the innerworld ranges from 9 to 15 (age sliding).

~ Mist Weaver -     

A Named fictionkin. The Named are prehistoric cheetah-like feline from book series of Ratha and the Named by Clare Bell. Her fur is an off-white plus she has slight saber teeth. Mist Weaver is an eclectic pagan revering and working with fire as well as worshiping Bast, Sekhmet, and Majdet. Mist Weaver’s birthday is celebrated on June 23 and identifies as being 17 years old.

~ Pantairin -

A deer cladotherian. In our innerworld, she can take on the form of any species of deer though her defaults and favorites tend to be sika deer, reindeer, and fallow deer. Pantairin is straight female. Pantairin is a Buddhist of the Nichiren Buddhism sort.  Her birthday is celebrated on December 8 and she identifies as being about 29 years old making her the oldest of us.

~ Spiritdon -

Photobucket A shadhavar unicorn. He is a deer-like creature with a dapple gray coat and on the center of his forehead is an ivory colored crescent shaped horn. Spiridon (or "Ghost" as he is often nicknamed by us) is a gay male. He is a practicing Hellenist. Spiridon's birthday is on September 17 and he considers his age to be 22.

~Z-                                                                                                                                                  A snowy owl therian, harpykin, netjerikin. We sometimes call him Z or Zedjeb for short. Plus another name of his is Zeoriel. As a netjeri he appears mostly human-like in body but snowy owl headed and with wings on his back. As a harpy he appears as a an anthropomorphized snowy owl below the chest but his chest and head are human-looking with his wings being fussed into one with his arms. As a snowy owl he is average snowy owl. Zedjeb is a gay male, and is a Kemetic. His celebrated birthday is on November 15 and his age is 20.