Within The Ruins Between Forest and Sea

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This is our old website. Our new website can be found here - Between Forest and Sea.

Welcome to Within The Ruins Between Forest And Sea, a personal website of all those at House of Chimeras.

We are a group of nonhuman identified individuals sharing, not only a website, but a body as well. If you are looking for the personal website of - Aquasarius, Arron, Cavern-Risen, Darahagh, Earth Listener, Kardegray, Lunatani, Mist Weaver, Pantairin, Spiridon, or/and Zedjeb - you have come to the right place. We are a multiple system of individual people. Despite sharing a body we each have our own name, gender, feelings, and wants in life. We consider ourselves to be rather psychologically healthy and functional in life. It hasn’t stopped or hindered us, and we treat each other like family. We have no core or host, and we all share ownership of this body equally as we work together to best enjoy what life has offered us.    

Here on our website you will find - among other things - our essays and writings on our own otherkin (therian, draconic, unicorn, fictionkin, etc) experiences, our experiences of being a part of this multiple system, and much more. We have created this website as way of answering questions about our multiplicity and nonhuman identities as to how we react to this life and explain who we are.

You may be wondering about the meaning for the title of our website. It is a reference to the landscape in our mind, our innerworld as we call it, which takes the form of a forest by the sea and it happens to have a small stone ruin between them. Since this website holds writings pertaining to our thoughts and life, it seemed fitting to place the influence of our innerworld upon the title of our website. Hence, Within the Ruins Between Forest and Sea.   

Please keep in mind as you wander freely here, that these are our own personal experiences and thoughts, and are by no means an archetype or ‘standard’ of and for others. We can only speak for ourselves and our own experiences alone.